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 Income Reports

Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit files reports and returns with the Internal Revenue Services. Even though we are a modernized company-- we still use generic and basic or small accounting and operating systems.  Click on the Corporate Logo to review our reports.

2019 Business Income Reports



Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit, was inactive from 2007 until 2019 and 2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic shutdown, in the state of New Jersey, outdoor programs were forced in doors. When you click on the corporate logo, you will have access to our filing information for 2019. 

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Business Income Reports 2020


We rolled out the official brand of Mad Comedian, which became a global teaching tool against cyber bullying with our partnership, with Facebook Watch. During the Pandemic #Madcomedian became a household name in live animation, using AI old code technology. 

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Business Income Report 2021



The My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund is a mutual fund of the corporation with a goal to raise awareness in financial literacy. Along with the brand of Mad Comedian, the mission of this corporation is to educate the public, on the importance of arts & entertainment in communities that are economically disadvantage. 

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Coming Soon



Coming Soon

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 Art is Labor and Labor is never Free

Let's Go "Knicks? J.E.T.S. JETS, JETS JETS JETS: Let's go GIANTs, beat the JETS, Brooklyn, (Home of the Nets) Brooklyn

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