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Coaches! 101 PAC

Political Action Committee
PO Box 4463 Jersey City NJ 07304

Coaches! 101 (PAC) Political Action Committee is a 527 organization that advocates for political correctness in selected agendas. The committee is also compromised as fund-raising tool or body for political candidates or political campaigns in the United States of America. This committee also host a few foundations and campaigns that have interest in politics or have political influence. For more information about the Political Action Committee please see our page, link will be at the top of the page. 

Coaches! 101 (PAC) is a political organization that has public to private charitable events. The organization is based out of Jersey City, NJ – with a mailing box of PO Box 4463 Jersey City NJ 07304. Many of the committee's efforts are Get out the vote rallies, and voter information rallies. The organization is a small political organization that very rarely makes over $25,000 and qualifies for the exempt status as a 527 political organization.


By-Laws for Campaigns and Foundations


Public Campaigns: A public campaign is a rallying cause to generate funds for a non-political purpose and to bring cash funds into the organization.


Private Campaigns: A private campaign is a sponsored campaign for a political cause, that is paid for by the organization or the many private donors. A private campaign must meet the maximum amount of donations per person as a pledge or actual donation of $2,500 – per campaign. A private campaign is allowed to have straw donations – which must meet the threshold of $75,000 per year for one personal donation; in order to be considered a charitable donation. Corporate straw donations, are allowed with a $2 million-dollar cap.


Signature Campaigns: A signature campaign is a fundraising tool to raise money for a cause that has nothing to do with politics and is more for entertainment. There is no charitable cap on signature campaigns, and only require reporting and monitoring by the FEC (Federal Election Commission). Signature campaigns are for the health and growth of the organization.


Political Campaigns: A political campaign is a political fundraising exposition to help raise funds for a political candidate during an election year. These campaigns have to be approved by the election committee or exploratory committee of the chosen candidate that are running for public office.


Political Endorsements: This Political Action Committee doesn’t endorse any candidate; and if contracted to do work for a candidate, our main job is to perform the duties of promoting such candidate and turning out the vote for the candidate, whereas there is no endorsement for the candidate.


Membership: If a person wants to be a member of the Political Action Committee and many of the campaigns for fundraising that are done. Please refer to the membership guidelines and dues or ask for the guidelines and dues spreadsheet.


Foundations: Are fund-raising machines for a cause that is spearheaded by the PAC.


Sponsorship: We run many campaigns for entertainment and everything else. There is no cap or limitation to a sponsorship other than the fact that your organization meets the requirements given by the Internal Revenue Service.


Employment: Currently all employees are volunteers, if there is a paid per campaign, then that employee will follow the EOE Act rules and regulations.

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