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Corporate Filings

As a contract based company, this is a private foundation of public brands

Meme Art
Mad Comedian

Omar Dyer is trying to organize fundraising efforts into his portfolio of investments and trying to expand the brand of Mad Comedian. He took a digital service mark that was gaining profit in music and invested into NFTs.


Meme Art (click on the link to see the Prospectus) also known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a block chain of cryptocurrency. Meme Art is organized as a digital or animated art works, Mad Comedian's official logl is organized by Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit, and Omar Dyer. 

Call Warrant

When you donate to our collection of art which is a 55' by 40' canvas of Mad Comedian known as MCCM01.

(Mad Comedian On Canvass Model 01)

You're joining the blockchain created by Omar Dyer. As apart of his fundraising efforts, our company has issued a "Call Warrant.

(Click on the word Call Warrant to see the contract)

You will be added to the ledger card, and be a funding partner of the company. This Call Warrant is exclusively at the direction of Omar Dyer, you are apart of his chain of events. The gifts you give Omar Dyer aren't liable for a tax deduction. It's an investment. Omar Dyer will donate the monies raised into this "Call Warrant," to Coaches! 101 A NJ Nonprofit for the purpose of servicing this collection of art. 

Direct Public Offering

We follow all the rules of the New York Stock Exchange, and with this offering as a Direct Public Offering, we are not issuing a stock option; rather than a security. This security is asset based, and donated to the company on the growth and investment from Omar Dyer's investment. 

We believe and has investing into crypto-currency in the forms created outside of Bitcoin, and the other types of Crypto-currency. With this formula, this asset based currency is part of Mad Comedian's Meme Art and Meme Stock, that has been vetted by the State of New Jersey, and follows all rules of the state, with service marks on Mad Comedian and "The My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund."

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