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Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit started doing business as Coaches! 101 Productions in 2013. The organization became an audio and video content provider in 2012, and produces paid in advanced video or sponsored advertisements on Facebook and Facebook Watch

The organization provides. legal business services on a pro-bono basis that is case by case. Our team has individual notary commissioners, who can process documents such as testimony, writs and other documents that need to be legalized. As perse to the state on New Jersey's NOTARY COMMISSION, Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit does not have corporate notary publics. These professionals are volunteers, providing a free service for the company. 

This organization has the tools and skills to help you organize a public product. Such as building your products organizational charts and legalizing the documents that will be used for registration in the state of jurisdiction. 

Under the state of New Jersey's rules and regulations within the department of treasury in which allows Coaches! 101 A NJ Non Profit doing business as Coaches! 101 Production the rights to sell the image of Mad Comedian under service mark: 25416 with verifying certificate number 140333037. 

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