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Omar Dyer created this brand to reflect his emotions during this time. And then he went out and recruited the investors that was going to carryout this plan. As part of the "My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund," Omar Dyer has opened up a brand that ascended into his very own -- men's sport clothing line. Omar Dyer's Collections was established in the year of 2021. 

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This is an "Avatar" NFT that was created on Facebook -- what makes this Avatar special is the notion of its service mark, and trademark that are protected by the state of New Jersey. This avatar is unique because it is also a meme. And meme art is on the rise in the world of art. This collection has been marked up and has raised close to $10,000 so far in the art's young history. 

People will call this NFT a security and in many cases, it is a security based on the levels and contracts, this item has been placed under in order to protect the interest of those that invest. So, when you are investing in this brand, you are investing in Omar Dyer (himself).

(Investment Relations Letter for) "Bruh "YOU DIDN'T KNOW I AM THE JOKE," corporate introduction: 

The link above shows you the corporate letter sent out to investors about this collection. 

(Investment Relations Letter for) "Bruh "YOU DIDN'T KNOW I AM THE JOKE," Final Investment letter:


By Clicking on the link, you can learn more about the plan, behind the plan and why this has become the safest investment to make. Omar Dyer researched this trade hard and well and made sure that there were levels of protections for investors. And he is showing you the plans.   

Omar Dyer built a digital asset out of pure artwork, using animated technology with animation that allowed him to create BYDIATJ campaign. When you click on the icon on the left your screen, you will be taken to our smart contact. From there is where you will have insight on our hand crafted smart contract. 


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"Art is Labor, and Labor is never meant to be free "  

"Omar Dyer (2021)


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