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Organizational Statement





Mad Comedian is a product of Real Comedians From Da Hood “PAu003700707” copyright registration number validated on 8/10/2013. Owners of the product are Omar Dyer known as TheFanNJ, and Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit. Mad Comedian is a Fictional Character of the self-financed weblog, and a by-product of Coaches! 101 Productions. Coaches! 101 Productions is doing business for Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit S-Corporation mailing address: PO Box 4463 Jersey City NJ 07304.

Celebrity v Characters' War 

The creation of Celebrity v Character's War comedy special came about through a spinoff of the copyrighted show Real Comedians From Da Hood. The comedy special will have a pre-screening for the premier of the Half Hour Special; exclusively for Facebook. The is the first screening for Mad Comedian, which will be then sold to Facebook; and tallied for your viewership. This product is and will be brought to you by Coaches! 101 Productions. It's a free online event, working to build a bigger audience for Mad Comedian, and create his stronghold base called: “The Audience.”

"The Project Budget Scope," for this Half-Hour special is now available for public viewing. This is pre-taxed information, the break down of this pre-budget scope is $47,000 to produce the content. Please refer to the link in the text, or the picture to view the project scope for January 2018.  

The First Screening in the 1 million streams campaign happened on 2/16/2016 and tallied: 100,354 impressions; with 42k in paid in advance views, on 43k total viewership. These advertisements were displayed on Facebook and Instagram. "The Project Scope for February of 2018," shows the market rate for Celebrity V Characters' War starting at $75,000. If any vendor wants to purchase the rights to distribute this product, the value is set at $75,000. 

The Screening started in the overseas market of Facebook Business, using Facebook Watch as the platform. The merchant was Facebook Watch, the content provider would us: Coaches! 101 Productions, and for information on the patron -- please send request to our accounting department. 


To purchase a copy of the Comedy Album, you can click on the bold face print: Any purchase of this product directly benefits the program's animated mission and vision: 

Celebrity v Characters' War 

These are for pre-sale of the comedy album our goals are to make this available to all vendors in the near future. Currently right now there's a 1 million streaming campaign for the product. 

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