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Coaches 101 A NJ Non Profit

Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit’s dual month reporting is showing that the company which has fully transitioned into a open company; continues to meet profit sharing expectations. This is the revenue totals for the company in the companies new My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund. The My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund was created on 2/1/2020 from a challenge system created on Instagram. The goal of the fund is to raise trading value in a Direct Public Offering for the companies future IPO. The Direct Public Offering is spilt into a sectors of the company for different projects.

Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit was established in May of 2007, by Omar Dyer. The overall company is still working hard to improve the growth of the company. The company is a tech company that builds within platforms, such as Facebook and other youthful and mid-age consumer ranges. Our major product which is Mad Comedian is now in operation with the direct public offering, and the mutual fund for the company. The company’s earning are listed in the budget scope for the month of December, January and March. Our two basic direct public offerings which have the company raising $100k for each of the initiatives.

March Newsletter Company Dual Monthly Report 


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