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Coaches 101 A NJ Non Profit

Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit

Which is a private foundation that has pending tax exemption status. The focus of this initiative is to educate the masses on financial literary and economic development in inner cities around the New York Metropolitan area. The foundation’s fund was created and founded by Omar Dyer. Omar Dyer is a former political candidate in the state of New Jersey. And after his failed political career, Omar Dyer has been organizing and advocating for economic equality for members of the minority community.

  • What is the My Plan Challenge, and why was it created?

  • How did the challenge evolve into the digital world of NFTs?

  • Who is the original creator of Meme Art also known as Meme Stocks?

  • What is Omar Dyer’s role in the space and world of non-fungible tokens?

  • Is crypto currency all about bitcoin, or can NFTs in the method and direction Omar Dyer built, be a vital enhancement for the future?

We are reaching out to gain assistance in knowledge and pledge monies to finance the goals and mission of the My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund, plus build our based on NFTs and the collection of tokens in our system.

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Company Overview

  3. Business Description

  4. Market Analysis

  5. Operating Plan

  6. Marketing and Sales Plan

Financial Plan

Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit was established in May of 2007, by Omar Dyer. The overall company is still working hard to improve the growth of the company. The company is a tech company that builds within platforms, such as Facebook and other youthful and mid-age consumer ranges.


Our major product which is Mad Comedian is now in operation with the direct public offering, and the mutual fund for the company. 


Mission: Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit through fundraising, education and community service would like to bring to the public this fund and a new market in cryptocurrency. Since the new world of financing will evolve to cryptocurrency – our product would like to be at the front of the creative lines. And one of the goals, is to raise $100,000 in startup funds, that will allow our initiative the funds to register this product onto the global market exchange. Our prime mission is to first build the NFT, and that is why we are building the fund. In order to build the corporation’s fund, it will take $100,000 in reserved cash or bonds—outside of cost-overruns or working capital.

And for the currency from this initiative to be able on reaching market rate as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – this corporate challenge will be in pursuit of raising revenue in the exactly amount of $1 million in reserved cash or bonds.


Read our Letter of Intent, and become an investor or donor to the private foundation of foundations.

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