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Welcome to Angel Investors' Program - Helping Change Lives Through Investing

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The Angel Investors Apprenticeship

How does this program get funding?


Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit Organization will take out a direct loan worth $65,000 from the state of New Jersey. The New Jersey Economic Development Authority will loan our Angel Investor the money using his personal assets. Once the funding for your employment into this apprenticeship is secured, you will be awarded a grant in the exact amount. Please be advised that the grant is not a loan, you’re an apprentice.

Which means, what we teach you, it’s your obligation to raise the amount back. Why? Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit and Omar Dyer would have to repay the state of New Jersey for funding this apprenticeship opportunity. It’s a job..

Full Details on this program click on the icon, or meme above. 


When you apply, your application will be vetted, you will be contacted, and your information will be added to our database? 

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