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Mad Comedian's Topp Trading Card

Omar Dyer as a child had a huge collection of Topps sports trading cards, that he built up over the years. It was a large set of trading cards that was lost in transitioning of moving and growing up. With NFTs becoming a great market, Omar Dyer is back with his own collection of cards. 

Topps Mad Comedian.JPG

The Smart Contract

By clicking on the picture, you can view the smart contract with Investors (Citizens) Bank. 

Topps Mad Comedian.JPG

Mad Comedian's Topps NFT 

In this video, Omar Dyer is showing you how he managed to sell this unique trading card. This card is currently owned by Omar Dyer, and the value of this card was set by Omar Dyer's passion to fund raise for it. 

Topps Trading Card Mad Comedian back.jpg

The Call Warrant 

In order to make this the most secured investment, we organized a call warrant. Click on the picture to read the entire contract.  Coming Soon!

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