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Self Published Books

We self publish books using Create Space, through Amazon. Our top writer has a BA in Communications, and a Masters in Legal Studies -- plus an Associates in Children's Literature. Most of his work is displayed directly on Amazon. He is know by a pen name of TheFanNJ, which is Omar Dyer. Omar Dyer is the founder and creator of this company, and his work includes. 


  •  The Next Generation Of Leaders: Omar Dyer for Public Office (Create Space publishing)

  •  America's War (Create Space Publishing)

  •  Coaches! 101 A Tribute to Hoboken High's Football (iUniverse Publishing)

  •  Wall Street Occupied: A Collection of The Next Generation of Leaders (Create Space Publishing)

  •  Election: My Ride with Barack Obama (Create Space Publishing) 

  •  A Literacy Tour On America: A Poem For Joy and A Poem For Pain (Publish America, Create Space Publishing)

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