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We will invoice you with a selective package, and budget plan to give you more for your audience. 

Our goal is to be the legal minds behind your product. With registration to the creditable organizations. We are not lawyers, we prepare the documents for them.

To learn more about the Direct Public Offering, My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund please click this link:  

We use third party business, to marginalize your efforts, with a detailed budget plan on what we do in an invoice. 



Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit Organization is a U.S. based, small business, mass media, digital print, and legal services company founded by a former political candidate Omar Dyer, based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. This organization primarily operates in the Legal Services business / industry within the Legal Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 11 years. Coaches 101 is estimated to generate $25,000 in annual revenues and employs approximately 2 people at this single location. [1] The company has expenditure reports for licensing of their product that reaches: $75,440. 


Coaches! 101 (PAC) "Political Action Committee" (Click on the link to read the PAC's Bylaws) is a 527 organization that advocates for political correctness in selected agendas. The committee is also compromised as fund-raising tool or body for political candidates or political campaigns in the United States of America. This committee also host a few foundations and campaigns that have interest in politics or have political influence. For more information about the Political Action Committee please see our page, link will be at the top of the page. This PAC is a separate entity and has it's own accounting, as noted in the corporate relations. 

Coaches! 101 Productions (Click on the link to read company's department biography) is the legal representative for all of the writings and works of TheFanNJ. It's also the hosting company for our founder and single artist "Omar Dyer." This company was set up in order to promote, all of TheFanNJ's efforts in entertainment. This company is a self-financed and is organized as a small low-budget S-corporation. Our goals are to work on becoming an affiliate or partner; with some of the top trades that our parent company seeks to do business with "Literary Agency," that only represents Omar Dyer's literary work. Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit Organization will do a content revaluation of selected projects, Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit Organization acts as the legal representative for all of those that work with and beside Omar Dyer / TheFanNJ. Our company can notarize and set up organizational documents for your idea and plan to become an organization, and brand as a business. Our company would love to do business with you, so how can we help you.




My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund as a private foundation within the family as a division of Coaches! 101. (PAC) as a co-sponsor and the parent company of Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit; view our business information --here in this section. 


Returns for 2019                          There was no return for 2020

Returns for 2018                            There was no return for 2021

Mission Statement for "My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund" which is a private fund of Coaches! 101 (PAC). We are currently updating information on this organization, so please pardon the appearance. 

Coaches! 101 A NJ Non-Profit’s reporting is showing that the company which has fully transitioned into a open company; continues to meet profit sharing expectations. This is the revenue totals for the company in the social enterprise are the My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund.


The My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund was created on 2/1/2020 from a challenge system created on Instagram. The goal of the fund is to raise trading value in a Direct Public Offering for the companies future IPO. The Direct Public Offering is spilt into a sectors of the company for different projects.

For more information check out our Investors Relation Page.

Company Mission Picture.JPG

To check out the company's progress reports for the Coaches 101 A NJ NonProfit, please click on the picture of click on Company Progress Reports for more information about the finances of the non profit company. Coaches 101 A NJ Non Profit is a separate entity from the 527 Political Organization known as Coaches 101 PAC. 

Our mission is to give you the most and best or accurate information about the non-profit community based corporation; which also includes our mission and pledge. 




Coming soon. Wouldn't you like to be apart of our website. Email our booking agent and logo fundraiser to inquire about a proposal plan to have your logo on our website. Omar Dyer ( )  ( ) subject: Investing relations.



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Omar Dyer is the founder, and legal representative of our organization. He is an artist, that includes digital art. In Omar Dyer's early adult life, he aspired a craft in politics, and built a brand as a civic leader. Omar Dyer has traveled in the alternative route of education with a masters' degree in legal studies, a bachelor's degree in communications and two associate degrees. In his early childhood years Omar Dyer was a decorated individual born and raised in Hoboken New Jersey. Omar Dyer's adult life consist of him achieving the same accolades as he has done as a child. 


We have a small team that is ran by one person. We are looking for ways to share this goal of expanding the product. Currently we are not hiring. 





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Partnerships and Corporate Investors


 Docu-fictions soon to be released



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